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Supporting Students and APP Education

Purpose of website?
The website is for Clinical Educators (CEs) supervising physiotherapy students during their professional practice placements. Information on the following is available:

When to use the APP form:

  • How to conduct an assessment of student performance using the APP
  • Who else to involve in completion of the APP form
  • Video Vignettes from 4 clinical areas of different standards of student performance – What does a passing/ failing/ good/ excellent performance look like?
What is the APP instrument?

The APP is a 20-item instrument covering seven domains of practice (professional behaviour, communication, assessment, analysis and planning, intervention, evidence-based practice, and risk management). Performance indicators accompany each item to guide student learning and provide educators with with specific examples of behaviours that belong to each domain of practice. These are examples of expected student behaviour and are not a comprehensive list of all the behaviours you might observe.

The website has five main areas:


  • Learning and teaching in the health care setting. In this we explore ways that you can actually set a student’s placement up for success rather than failure.  As we often watch students flounder. This gives you some strategies for students when they first arrive in your workplace.
  • Cultural and language considerations. This part of the website contains lots of little vignettes that help you explore how to actually have conversations with people from other languages or from different backgrounds to yourself. There is also a larger section with a video from the supporting students in the workplace workshop we run.
  • Clinical reasoning cycle. A relatively new concept to some disciplines, but to others it has been ingrained in their training for a number of years. This part of the website contains different video clips and information relating to the clinical reasoning cycle and how to actually apply it when you have students in your workplace.
  • Achieving the best outcomes by giving feedback well. This is pivotal to the success of a student in the placement setting and there are a series of little video clips in this area that will help you progress a student and give them feedback in a confident way that will help support them during their placement with you.
  • Frequently asked questions.  Sometimes the question that you have has already been asked. We have posted these up there so it may help you explore the different