Simulated Learning Environments

SLE Vision for Tasmania

Create a sustainable structure that fosters collegiality, collaboration, networking and sharing among those engaged in health professional simulation-based education and research.

SLE - Tasmanian Strategic Plan 2014-2018

The aim of the SLE Strategic Plan is to support the development of a sustainable state-wide simulation learning framework for Tasmanian Health Professionals that maximises the use of equipment, infrastructure and human resources. 


Tasmanian participation in SLE

  Number of Participants Hours of Simulation Sessions
Year 2014 2015* 2014 2015*
Undergraduate Students 2996 1102 6647 3368
Health Care Professionals 1229 1014 3973 4940.50
Inter Professional Simulation - - 3084 4108

* as at 9th December 2015




“Excellent session, very informative. Please come again.”                                                                                                          - Registered Nurse

“Refreshing information in an non-confronting environment”                                                                                                              - Registered Nurse

“The session feels as close to a real situation as possible”                                                                                                       - Health Science Student

“Like more simulation sessions on a regular basis”                                                                                                    - Health Care Professional



The Tasmanian Simulation Collaborative (TSC)

The aim of the TSC is to provide a community of practice for all health professional staff in Tasmania engaged or interested in simulation based learning and research to foster collaboration, networking and collegiality

To join the TSC, please email your details to

The TSC has a LinkedIn Group for members designed to facilitate discussion, involvement and promotion of Healthcare Simulation in Tasmania.

To become a member of the group email:

If you already have a profile click the link to take you straight to the page Tasmanian Simulation Collaborative (TSC).


SLE Project

The aim of the SLE Project is to assist in increasing health workforce capacity and quality clinical training capacity in specified professions by increasing students’ and clinicians’ access to simulation education in professional entry level courses, postgraduate and VET sector courses and through ongoing professional development.

The SLE Project has enabled Tasmania to expand on the current amount of simulation learning capacity, through the acquisition of mannequins, mobile simulation units, audio-visual equipment and other resources.  The mobile simulation units are designed to increase access to simulation learning for students and health professionals in regional, rural and remote settings across Tasmania.

To contact a member of the SLE Team to ask about simulation please email your request to: