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The following simulation activities have been developed and are available to be delivered. We can modify each activity to suit individual workplaces.

Allied Health Professional's Scenarios

There are 15 simulation-based scenarios developed for novice learners in the Allied Health Professions of: Physiotherapy (4), Speech Pathology (3), Occupational Therapy (5), Podiatry (1) and Dietetics and Nutrition (1).

Included are prompt sheets for trainers who are experienced in simulation-based learning.

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Paediatric Respiratory Conditions

This session aims to review the identification and first line management of the common childhood respiratory conditions: croup, asthma, bronchiolitis and epiglottitis. It is delivered in your health care environment initially reviewing signs and symptoms and concluding with simulation/s.
    Face to Face

     2 hours                      Contact us


ECG Workshop

This session reviews the basics of ECG interpretation and the common arrhythmias. A basic guide to identify the changes to a 12 Lead ECG  which occur in Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) in also presented.

     Face to Face

     2 hours                      Contact us


Chest Pain in Residential Aged Care

This is a case based simulation which includes: emergency decision guidelines, goals of care, consultation with a Health Practitioner and appropriate documentation.

     Face to Face

     1 hours                      Contact us


Cardiac Emergencies in the GP Clinic

These case based simulations aim to review and practice the assessment and initial management of common cardiac emergencies. These simulations involve all Practice staff and include: Basic Life Support (BLS), ischaemic chest pain and Advanced Life Support (ALS) management.

     Face to Face

     2.5 hours                   Contact us


Bradyarrhythmia in the Out-of-Hospital Environment

This case based simulation reviews the assessment and care of a person with a bradyarrhythmia in the out-of-hospital environment. It includes both Basic and Advanced Life Support management.

     Face to Face

     1 hours                      Contact us




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SLE Project

The development of curricula to support simulation-based learning is a priority area. The SLE Project can assist with the development of new curricula in addition to helping to structure and embed existing simulation activities into professional or tertiary curricula. If you would like to know more or discuss how we can assist please contact the Principle Educator: Mike McCall