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Key Project Documents

Curriculum Documents

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Key Project Documents

Australian Society for Simulation in Healthcare (ASSH) Simulation Directory Data Dictionary - PDF

Simulated Learning Environment Flyer - PDF

Simulated Learning Environment Brochure (Feb 2014) - PDF

Simulated Learning Environment Strategic Plan - PDF

Simulated Learning Environments Medical Curruculum Report (Nov 2010) - PDF

Southern Simulation Centre User Policies and Procedures (Feb 2015) - PDF

Southern Simulation Centre (RHH) Governing Body Terms of Reference (Feb 2015) - PDF


Curriculum Documents

Accreditation Resource Document

Review of accreditation standards for professional entry students level training programs relating to simulation - Final Report

Embedded Simulation in Clinical Training in Occupational Therapy Project - Project brief

Embedded Simulation in Clinical Training in Speech Pathology Project - Project brief

Embedded Simulation in Clinical Training in Physiotherapy Project - Project update

Collaborating accross boundaries: a framework for an integrated interprofessional curriculum - Final Report

Simulation-Based Medical Education - Yield Better Results? - Analysis


Allied Health Professionals Scenarios

* The ‘Prompt Sheets’ are for educators who are familiar with conducting simulation-based learning and provide a summary of the key points. Thus far only four (4) Prompt Sheets have been developed and others will be available soon.

Dietetics and Nutrition: Malnourished patient - PDF

       - * Prompt Sheet - Malnourished Patient - PDF

Generic Delegation and Scope of Practice - PDF

       - * Prompt sheet - Delegation and Scope of Practice - PDF

Occupational Therapy: Dress lower body - PDF

Occupational Therapy: Dress upper body - PDF

Occupational Therapy: Hemiplegic arm - PDF

       - * Prompt Sheet - hemiplegic arm - PDF

Occupational Therapy: Load and unload a wheelchair - PDF

Occupational Therapy: Shower chair - PDF

Physiotherapy: COPD experiencing anxiety - PDF

Physiotherapy: Hypotensive patient - PDF

Physiotherapy: Use of elbow crutches - PDF

Physiotherapy: Use of four wheel walking frame - PDF

Podiatry: Management of wounding a patient - PDF

Speech Pathology: Create communication Book - PDF

       - * Prompt Sheet - Review Communication Book - PDF

Speech Pathology: Phone message communication impairment - PDF

Speech Pathology: Review Communication Book - PDF


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Australian Institute of Medical Simulation and Innovation

Health Education and Training Institute

Health Innovation



Office for Learning & Teaching!





Simulation Australia

Society for Simulation in Healthcare


Australian Government

Tasmanian Government

Department of Health - Federal

Depart of Health and Human Services - Tasmania