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Flinders Island Multi-Purpose Centre

Students can expect a varied experience at Flinders Island. The Flinders Island Multi-Purpose Centre (FIMPC) comprises 5 acute beds, 9 aged care beds/respite and provides a 24 hour Outpatient/Emergency service. Other services include physiotherapy, x-ray, podiatry/footcare and visiting services such as Community Nursing and Home Help/Personal Care. In the adjacent building there is a GP clinic, Practice Nurse and Oral health clinic.

Placement experience for nursing students at the Flinders Island Multipurpose Centre primarily involves providing acute and aged care. During a placement we arrange other experiences as we are able, including home visiting with the Community Health Nurse, and where possible, an opportunity to attend the ‘doctor’s day’ visit to neighbouring Cape Barren Island where we have a primary health care centre.

Medical students work with the GP in the adjacent GP clinic. They visit the FIMPC with the GP to attend to in-patients and residents, people requiring an x-ray and those presenting as Emergencies. The ambulance service on Flinders is run by volunteers. Their office is co-located at the FIMPC near the ambulance/loading dock.

Flinders Island Multi-Purpose Centre - Virtual Tour
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4 James Street Flinders Island
TAS 7255 |
Ph: (03) 6359 2122