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West Coast District Hospital, Queenstown

West Coast District Hospital at Queenstown is part of THS North West Region, West Coast. The hospital, located on Orr Street, provides emergency care and sub-acute health care services to West Coast Tasmanians. Located on the same site is Lyell House, which has 15 residential care beds and one bed for respite care. Unlike many hospitals, the Tasmanian Ambulance Service is co-located at West Coast District Hospital and therefore has direct under-cover access to the emergency room.

The hospital is supported by Rural Medical Practitioners from Queenstown Medical Practice located in the adjacent building. Other services include pathology, radiography, community nursing, midwifery care, dental service and allied health services such as physiotherapy. Appointments with visiting specialists (from obstetrics, gynaecology, cardiology and podiatry to name a few) are available along with telehealth services via video conferencing.

Community service is highly valued at West Coast District Hospital. Meals on wheels are provided to community clients by the onsite Catering services. The Adult Day Centre, used by older members of the community, enables social interaction. There are strong links with Child and Family Health Nurse and other community-based HealthWest services. Collaborative Practice meetings are held on a weekly basis out of the West Coast District Hospital. These meetings support an interdisciplinary approach to person-centred health care with inpatient and community-based clients.

A popular site at West Coast District Hospital is the Rural Integrated Clinical Education and Training Centre (RICETC). Centrally situated within the hospital, the RICETC is ideal for student learning, staff meetings, staff education and training sessions. We have a range of resources that students can access to support their learning from computers to simulated learning equipment.

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64 Orr Street Queenstown
TAS 7467 |
Ph: 6472 2300