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5 Tips That Will Ensure Your New Landscape Design Is Dog-Friendly

5 Tips That Will Ensure Your New Landscape Design Is Dog-Friendly

Whilst many homeowners will discuss with their landscape architects how to make their new landscaping human-friendly including for their children and any guests who visit, it can often be easy to overlook another member of the family who will be using the new landscaped garden, namely the family dog.

Although we are sure that omission is not through malice, but rather forgetfulness, it is the case that you must consider your dog when planning a newly landscaped garden. This will not only ensure that your dog can enjoy your new garden as much as possible, but on a more serious note, it will also go a long way to making sure that the newly installed garden will be a safe environment for your dog too.

Bear in mind that, your dog will be well used to finding its way around your current garden. Given that dogs are creatures of habit, when presented with a completely new layout and numerous additions such as garden furniture and features that were not there before, it can not only be confusing for them but also somewhat dangerous.

Thankfully, there are some simple steps you can take when discussing your landscape services and garden’s design with your landscape architects to ensure that certain features are included and that others are not. To explain these we have provided you with five tips that will help you create a dog-friendly landscape design that will keep your beloved, four-legged friend, happy and safe.