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10 Impressive Water Features That Add The Wow Factor To Landscape Designs

For many people in Byron Bay, their favourite feature within any landscaping they see or own as part of their garden is a water feature. Whether it is because of the relaxing sounds they can create, the fact that the water movements are infinite, or the feeling of cool water nearby on a hot, sunny day that is the appeal, who knows?

However, what is not up for debate is the fact that water features are trendy in landscape designs. As such, here are ten landscaping water features, each of which will add the ‘wow factor’ to any landscaped garden, hopefully including yours.


Whilst more commonly used with a swimming pool, there are plenty of scopes to use spouts and scuppers if no swimming pool exists. They can be simple or decorative, requiring very little space, so they are a perfect water feature option for smaller gardens.


A fountain is the outstanding water feature most commonly associated with landscaped gardens, which speaks to its popularity. They can be as straightforward or as ornate as you wish, and because they can be found in all sizes, from miniature to massive, they are also a water feature that every garden size can accommodate.


Your Ultimate Guide To The 10 Component Parts Of Western Boots

Your Ultimate Guide To The 10 Component Parts Of Western Boots

If you are the proud owner of one or more pairs of western leather boots, have you ever thought about how they are constructed, and further to that, what each of the component parts is of the western boots you are wearing? If not, and you are happy enough to wear your western boots without overthinking about how they are made, then great.

However, if you are somewhat inquisitive, and would like to know more about your western boots, then read on. We are going to highlight the ten main component parts of western boots construction and give you a brief explanation of what each of them is, along with the role they play in making your western boots tough, durable, and comfortable.

#1: Shaft – This is the part of western boots that gives them their distinctive appearance. It is the long tube that goes from the base of the boot to the top of the boot and can come in a variety of lengths and styles.

#2: Pull Taps/Straps – If you have ever had to pull your western boots on with a bit of force, then it is the pull tabs or straps that you probably held on to and pulled with. They are located at the top of the boot on either side of the shaft.

#3: Insole – This part of the western boot is located inside and is what your foot rests on. The best insoles are made from leather, as this allows them to mould to the shape of your foot for maximum comfort.

#4: Vamp – This is what is usually referred to as the upper in shoes. The vamp covers the top of your foot and is part of the boot that usually remains visible at all times, even when jeans are being worn thus, its appearance is an important buying point.

#5: Counter – You will find the counter located at the back of the boot, and it is what sits between the heel and the back of the shaft. It forms a cup into which your heel sits and thus helps provides additional support and comfort.

#6: Outsole – This is part of the boot at the very bottom and is what comes into contact with the ground when you are walking. The material used will depend on the purpose of the boots, including rubber and composites for some working boots and leather, which is the most traditional.

#7: Heel – Another component that defines western boots and is attached to the rear of the outsole. The heel can be shaped in different ways and comes in different heights depending on whether the boots are for fashion purposes or work/riding.

#8: Scallop/Dip – This is the small V-shape you see at the front of the boot at the top of the shaft. Its practical purpose is to prevent the boot from pinching your leg each time you take a step forward when walking.

#9: Welt/Rand – This is what connects the sole of the boot to the body of the boot. It can appear in different ways, such as stitching all the way around, three-quarters stitching, and double stitching.

#10: Stitching – The final component is the stitching which not only plays the essential role of holding different parts of the boot together but can also form part of the decorative design of western boots too.

7 Steps To Break The Downward Spiral Of Poor Health Caused By Your Financial Worries

7 Steps To Break The Downward Spiral Of Poor Health Caused By Your Financial Worries

When financial advisors first meet a client, you might assume that everyone seeking their advice is in a sound financial position and looking for ways to invest, save, or plan for their retirement planning. Whilst many are, some are seeking help due to the financial mess they are in. Apart from their financial health being in decline, so too might their mental and physical health as a result of the severe stress and anxiety caused by their financial worries.

A financial advisor will most certainly be able to help a person get back on the path to financial stability, and often that plan is what turns a person’s health back toward a positive state thanks to the weight of money worries and financial concerns that had been pushing down on them.

if you too believe your health is at risk or is even suffering right now due to the stain you are under trying to balance your daily, weekly, or monthly finances, then there are some steps you can take to reverse that. Below we have outlined seven of those steps which you can take individually or as a complete pathway to end the downward spiral of poor health and instead to some degree peace of mind relating to your finances.


10 Common Mistakes To Avoid Before, During, And After Your Divorce

10 Common Mistakes To Avoid Before, During, And After Your Divorce

One of the most difficult tasks law firms undertake is when a client comes to them for help having done something or taken an action that negatively impacts their divorce. One of the problems here is that rather than there being just a handful of mistakes that a family lawyer may be asked to help resolve for a client, there are dozens of them.

However, there do tend to be some mistakes that occur more than others, and so we believe it will be useful to anyone reading this who might be going through a divorce to learn of them. As such, here are ten common mistakes you must avoid before, during, and after your divorce.

Not Seeking The Help Of A Divorce Lawyer: One of the biggest mistakes, even if your divorce is amicable, is not seeking legal advice from a divorce lawyer, especially if your ex has hired one. At the very least they can ensure your divorce follows the correct legal procedures.

Assuming Your Divorce Lawyer Can Do Everything For You: As much as your divorce lawyer will do all they can to properly represent you, they cannot do everything. You will need to calculate your assets and liabilities or seek a new place to live, for example.


Why Your Financial Health Has Implications For Your Physical Health

Why Your Financial Health Has Implications For Your Physical Health

Whenever a person might be thinking of how they might improve their physical health their first thought might be to seek advice from their doctor or fitness coach. However, it may surprise you to know that financial planners can positively influence your physical health too. Okay, we admit they are not going to create an exercise programme for you, but their financial expertise and experience could have the same effect.

There is lots of evidence that shows that the more a person’s finances are managed and under control the healthier they tend to be. That most likely applies to any aspect of our lives where the less stress we have relating to our work, our family, or our view of the world altarage, the less damage is done to our health.

Poor Finances = Poor Health

Coming back to finance and it is not an anomaly that countless instances of doctors and other medical professionals dealing with health issues ranging from panic attacks to suicide attempts, the root cause can be traced back to financial difficulties. Sadly, some have taken the ultimate and tragic decision to end their lives and, before doing so, have made it clear to the loved ones they have left behind that money issues were the reason.


All You Need To Know About Choosing Wooden Furniture For Your Landscaped Garden

All You Need To Know About Choosing Wooden Furniture For Your Landscaped Garden

The options you have for what to include in a new Northern Beaches landscape design for your garden are almost limitless. Apart from the overall design and layout, you need to select which plants to include, the static and movable features, lighting, and even what type of grass your lawn is going to have.

Another choice you will have to make concerns the furniture that your landscaped garden is going to have in it. Possibly the most important choice will be the materials that your furniture will be made from, and one of the most popular of these materials is wood. Wooden furniture has been in use for centuries, and today it still has as much appeal as it did hundreds of years ago.

Before you choose wooden furniture, it might be worthwhile knowing as much as you can about it. As such we have put together another “all you need to know” and the subject of this one is choosing wooden garden furniture.

The Most Popular Types Of Wood Used For Garden Furniture Are…

  • Cedar: The oils in cedar wood are believed to repel bugs and insects so it could be wooden furniture that serves more than one purpose. Cedar is also popular because of the scents it produces and the fact that, with care, it will last for up to 10 years.
  • Oak: One of the most commonly used woods for furniture, oak is a hardwood so it should be durable. However, one point to note is that its porousness means it must be treated otherwise it will darken and rot quickly if exposed to moisture such as rain.
  • Teak: Those looking for the most durable wooden furniture should opt for teak although bear in mind it is the costliest of the three kinds of wood we have described. It contains several natural oils which help to preserve it. Teak was once used to make ships which gives you an indication of how robust it is, and, if cared for properly, teak furniture can last for decades.


10 Ways To Reinforce Positivity During Drug Rehab

10 Ways To Reinforce Positivity During Drug Rehab

There are many ways in which recovery from drug use can be augmented, and one of the most effective is to maintain a positive mindset. Whilst drug use may have brought lots of negatives into a person’s life, the power of positivity is much stronger, and it can be the driving force behind that person’s journey towards being free of drug dependency.

Simply saying “be positive” is not exactly much help to someone who has been mired in negativity for a long period. Instead, they need to be shown ways in which they can maintain positivity in their lives. To start with, here are ten excellent ways to reinforce positivity when recovering from addiction and drug use.

Accepting Responsibility: Although it can be difficult during recovery it can also be life-changing in so many positive ways. Accepting responsibility, not just for your recovery from drug use, but for everything else in your life means you have the realisation that your life is yours to create.

Setting Achievable Goals: That new life you are creating we mentioned just now is going to need some awesome life goals and ambitions so have fun creating them. In addition, much positivity can be generated simply by setting daily tasks lists, weekly goals, and monthly targets, and then achieving them all.


10 Ways Your Child's Development Can Be Supported By A Speech Pathologist

10 Ways Your Child’s Development Can Be Supported By A Speech Pathologist

It would be too simplistic to define what speech pathologists do as “helping children with their speech”. Whilst it might suffice as a generic answer, if you want to know some of the specific ways a speech pathologist benefits children then you need to dig a lot deeper.

Thankfully, we have saved you that time and effort, as we have already researched this. Now, we could proceed by using some of the terminology related to speech therapy, and the speech therapy goals that a speech pathologist will have for those children under their care. That would mean using terms such as expressive language skills, receptive language, and articulation skills but for most parents, all of that sounds like jargon and means little to them.

What most parents want to know is how a speech pathologist will enhance the development and childhood of their child. They may also be hoping that some of the work that the speech pathologist does will also benefit them indirectly, and the good news is that it will. So, outlined below are ten ways in which a speech pathologist can support your child’s development if that child is having speech and language difficulties.


5 Tips That Will Ensure Your New Landscape Design Is Dog-Friendly

5 Tips That Will Ensure Your New Landscape Design Is Dog-Friendly

Whilst many homeowners will discuss with their landscape architects how to make their new landscaping human-friendly including for their children and any guests who visit, it can often be easy to overlook another member of the family who will be using the new landscaped garden, namely the family dog.

Although we are sure that omission is not through malice, but rather forgetfulness, it is the case that you must consider your dog when planning a newly landscaped garden. This will not only ensure that your dog can enjoy your new garden as much as possible, but on a more serious note, it will also go a long way to making sure that the newly installed garden will be a safe environment for your dog too.

Bear in mind that, your dog will be well used to finding its way around your current garden. Given that dogs are creatures of habit, when presented with a completely new layout and numerous additions such as garden furniture and features that were not there before, it can not only be confusing for them but also somewhat dangerous.

Thankfully, there are some simple steps you can take when discussing your landscape services and garden’s design with your landscape architects to ensure that certain features are included and that others are not. To explain these we have provided you with five tips that will help you create a dog-friendly landscape design that will keep your beloved, four-legged friend, happy and safe.


Why Satin is the Best Material for Personalised Pyjamas

Why Satin is the Best Material for Personalised Pyjamas

 When you begin your hunt for the perfect personalised pyjamas and personalised slippers for your bridal party, there’s one thing you’ll notice: the wide variety of materials. As if buying the ideal pair wasn’t hard enough, you now have to decide which material to opt for!

However, making your decision even easier is knowing that the most popular material seems to be satin or a satin blend. Why is satin so popular, and could it be the right choice for you?

Body Temperature Control

Even though satin is light, airy, and comfortable to sleep in, it also has the surprising benefit of controlling your body temperature. Satin can trap heat that may otherwise be lost with other materials, making you feel warm when the mercury plummets.

Soft On Your Skin

If you have particularly sensitive skin that gets irritated from more abrasive materials, satin could be a wise choice for you and your bridal party. You may not be sure about everyone’s skin sensitivities, which means satin allows you to cover all bases.


How To Help Your Dog Overcome Separation Anxiety

How To Help Your Dog Overcome Separation Anxiety

When a dog owner decides that they are going to enrol their dog in doggie daycare, one of the possible hurdles they have to overcome, or more to the point, their dog has to overcome, is separation anxiety. This occurs when a dog becomes anxious and displays certain behaviours such as whining, barking, and howling, to name but three, whenever they are separated from their owner or others in their owner’s family.

When they are puppies most dogs will have a degree of separation anxiety, which is understandable given that they’re young, still learning, and the fact that instinctively dogs are pack animals and therefore more comfortable when in the company of others, be that dogs, humans, or other animals.

When separation anxiety becomes a problem is when a puppy grows into an adult but still reacts whenever it realises that it is going to be left alone. This can cause huge problems for their owners, especially when they need to leave for work, as their dog starts behaving in ways which can be upsetting, and also embarrassing should the dog howl for hours, no doubt to the annoyance of neighbours.

Thankfully, most dogs with separation anxiety can be helped. We use “helped” instead of cured because separation anxiety is not defined as a medical condition but as a behavioural problem. Rest assured, it is a problem that can be overcome if your dog has separation anxiety, provided you are prepared to show patience, understanding, and compassion for your dog, and also accept that you do bear some responsibility.


5 Types Of Carpet Stain You Should Know How To Remove

5 Types Of Carpet Stain You Should Know How To Remove

If you were to give it some thought, you would soon realise that the number of possible stains that could happen to your carpet and then need immediate remedial carpet cleaning to remove them is plentiful. Were we to list them all, we could probably fill several pages. Of course, some stains are more common than others, and some stains will do much more severe and long-term damage than others and may require searching for “carpet cleaners near me“.

Beyond the source of stains, it is also critical that you know precisely what has stained your carpets. This is because the substance or liquid that creates the stain dictates what action you need to take to remove it. It can be a double-whammy if you suddenly see that what you are using to remove the stain is not only failing in that task, but further, it causes even more damage as it is the wrong stain removal solution.

As such, we thought it would be useful to highlight some of the more common stains your carpets might suffer from, and, better still, explain how they can each be removed. Here are five of the worst offenders.


How Work Health And Safety Applies To Removalists Businesses

How Work Health And Safety Applies To Removalists Businesses

Removalists business owners, just as the owners of any other business type, have a duty and an obligation to ensure the health and safety of their employees. This obligation is not just a moral one that any decent employer would fulfil, but also a legal obligation as per workplace legislation related to employee welfare.

A key component of this legislation and the regulations that apply to the workplace is found within Work Health and Safety (WHS). WHS, which you may see written as Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S), is the basis for an employer managing the risks which could impact the health and safety of those who work for, and come into contact with, their business.

Unfortunately, many business owners see WHS as a cost and something which negatively impacts their profits. This is when they have to purchase equipment, training, and the costs associated with reducing risks and introducing safe working practices. Their viewpoint on this is short-sighted for more than one reason.

The starkest of this is the reality that if they do not comply with the applicable legislation and ensure their business is WHS compliant, they could be prosecuted. Worse, should an accident occurs, or someone is harmed, due to their lack of risk reduction actions, they could face compensation claims, in addition to any legal penalties.


4 Ways to Size Your Engagement Ring

4 Ways to Size Your Engagement Ring

Whether you’re trying to figure out your significant other’s engagement ring size, or you want to buy a piece of jewellery for yourself from professional jewellers, it’s helpful to be as accurate as possible. Otherwise, you have to go through the hassle of resizing the ring at a later date.

Of course, it’s convenient that you can resize many rings, depending on the metal, but it would be even more convenient if you didn’t have to at all. So, read on for some tips and tricks on how to size your engagement ring.

  1. Secret Sizing

Engagements are typically a surprise event. You want to buy what you believe is the perfect ring and surprise your loved one with it in a romantic setting. In an ideal world, the ring would slide onto their finger and fit perfectly. However, that’s not always the case, especially if you haven’t done all you can to size the ring appropriately.

Sizing a ring for your significant other doesn’t have to be a challenging process – it can just require you to be stealthy. You can take one of the rings they already own and imprint it into a bar of soap. Alternatively, you can trace the inside dimensions onto a piece of paper. You can then take the measurement to a jeweller who can compare it to their sizing chart.


What You Can And Cannot Control If You Suffer From Tooth Discolouration

What You Can And Cannot Control If You Suffer From Tooth Discolouration

Whilst we regard a beautiful smile as two rows of pearly whites beaming cheerfully from someone who is happy, unfortunately not all smiles are as appealing. One of the main reasons why someone’s smile might not be all that pleasant to look at is tooth discolouration, which is one of the most common dental issues that any dentist from Dental O So Gentle have to treat.

Whenever we see someone with discoloured teeth, the assumption is often made that they are simply not caring for their teeth, and we assume that they are not brushing or flossing. Whilst that is a common cause, you should be aware that not all tooth discolouration is the fault of the person who suffers from it.

This leads us to the fact that there are several causes of tooth discolouration, and they can be split into two distinct categories. There are those causes that individuals can control and thus the discolouration could be said to be their own fault. The other set of causes are those which the person has no real control over, and instead of them being at fault for tooth discolouration, they are instead a victim of it.

To help you understand this more fully, here are the causes of tooth discolouration split into their respective categories of ‘Can Control’ and ‘Cannot Control.


4 Simple Steps to Maximum Dental Health

4 Simple Steps to Maximum Dental Health

What you are about to read is around 600 words which outline 4 ways in which your dentist would advise you to help care for your teeth. Now, we freely admit, compared to the volumes that have been written about dental care, and the many books that have been published, this is not going to be the most comprehensive dental care text you will ever read.

However, we have actually touched on the point that caring for your teeth and gums need not be the most complicated activity you ever undertake with respect to your dental well-being, and as such you do not need to read the equivalent of an encyclopedia on the matter. In fact, maybe the simpler a healthcare regime is to understand and implement, the more chance there is of people following it. With that thought, here are 4 simple steps to care for your teeth and gums.

Visit Your Dentist For Regular Check-Ups

Nothing can help you ensure your teeth are maintained more than having regular check-ups with your dentist. A check-up can allow your dentist to spot potential issues before they become more serious with the proof being that more tooth loss has been prevented by a dentist identifying a problem during a routine check-up, than anything else.

At your check-ups, your dentist will also be able to advise you on dental issues which might not be visible, but which are causing you concern, such as toothaches or occasional pain within your jawbone. This is also a chance to get teeth whitening, for a visibly healthier looking mouth.  Finally, you should know that dental check-ups can also show indications of other illnesses which may exist, allowing you to seek the advice of your doctor more quickly.


The Dos And Don’ts Of Dental Implants

For anyone considering dental implants, as with any medical procedure, there are several actions and activities you should adhere to, and some which you must avoid at all times. There will be several reasons for any of these ‘dos and don’ts’ with the most applicable being the patient’s well-being and to ensure that nothing can compromise any healing which has to take place.

With dental implants, one of the most important processes which take place is the fusing of the jawbone with the titanium inserts. This takes place in the months following the surgery and ensures that the foundation for your implants is as secure and solid as can be. As such you want to nothing that can set back this fusing, or worse, compromise it completely. With this in mind here are some of the most important dental implants dos and don’ts.

Do Follow The Advice From Your Dental Implant Specialists

In truth, this applies to any medical scenario, but we include it as we certainly want you to follow any advice your dental implant professionals give you. This applies to the period before the procedure, and most certainly in the recovery period following the surgery as this helps to ensure there are no issues such as infection which can compromise the whole process.


The Advantages For Your Physiotherapy Business Of Hiring A Local SEO Agency

The Advantages For Your Physiotherapy Business Of Hiring A Local SEO Agency

If you own or run a physiotherapy business that has a website, you will be aware that one of the key strategies to drive traffic to that website is for it to rank highly on Google. SEO specialists report that over 55% of all traffic from Google is sent to the websites that occupy the top 3 positions on page #1 for any given search term.

This fact alone should be incentive enough for you to seek to have your website aiming to reach those top spots on Google but knowing what you need, and actually being able to achieve it are two very different things. It might be you are well versed in SEO tactics, however, you are but one person, and having the knowledge of what to do is seldom enough without the time and resources to put that knowledge into practice.

That is why almost all business owners take the wise decision to carry on doing what they do best, which is to run their business, and instead employ a local SEO agency to plan and implement the strategies necessary to get their website ranked highly on Google. That same principle applies to you and your physiotherapy business as it does to any other.

With a local SEO agency taking care of your SEO, you can continue to focus on running your business, so straight away you are in a win-win situation, Your business is being run professionally and continues (we hope) to be successful, and in the meantime you have a skilled and professional team of SEO experts working on your website’s ranking and as they do so, you can expect to see more visitors to your website, which should lead to more clients.


The Handful Diet

The Handful Diet

From 2017 to 2018, the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ National Health Survey found that two-thirds of Australian adults were either overweight or obese. The food we’re eating, the unhealthy recipes we’re cooking with, and even the wine, beer, and other alcohol we’re consuming could all play a part.

If you feel like you’ve put on a few extra pounds, then you may be trying to find a way to get rid of them. Diet and exercise can be a recipe for success. For some, the diet revolving around handfuls of food has proven to be an ideal way to shed those extra pounds.

The handful diet, known as the Scandi Sense Diet, was formed by a Danish dietitian and biotech company CEO, Suzy Wengel. Rather than use complicated measuring and calorie counting methods, she used a “handful” approach, which allowed her to lose 88 pounds (39.9 kilograms) in just ten months.


How Long Until You See Results with a Waist Trainer 

How Long Until You See Results with a Waist Trainer 

One of the most common questions people ask when they buy waist trainers is how long will it be until I see results? No matter which reputable company you buy your waist trainer from, there is no single answer. Instead, many things can contribute to how long you can expect to wait.

Instant Slimming with a Waist Trainer

You can see results instantly with a waist trainer, but that’s because of the high-compression latex with which the waist trainer is made. When you put it on, it can slim down your waistline by even as much as four inches.

However, it’s not realistic to wear your waist trainer 24 hours per day, seven days a week. So, what about results that come about from the use of a waist trainer along with exercise and a healthy diet?


The Facts and Fiction of Botox 

The Facts and Fiction of Botox 

Unless you’ve spoken to a health professional – such as www.botoxonline.net – about Botox before, you may not be aware of what’s right and what isn’t. There is a lot of misinformation in the public arena, so it can take plenty of research from reputable sources to get to the bottom of it. Read on to learn some of the more common myths that can clear up some pressing questions you may have had.

Botox Isn’t Safe

Many people may believe that Botox isn’t safe because it’s derived from the botulinum toxin that’s poisonous in food. Yes, the botulinum toxin can indeed make you sick, but the same isn’t true about Botox.

Botox stays in the injection site in which it’s administered, and it doesn’t move around. What’s more, it’s had FDA approval since 1989 for treating eye spasms. Then, by 2002, it was approved for cosmetic use. Since then, tens of thousands of people have benefited from Botox as a form of treatment

Botox is Addictive

It’s easy to believe that Botox is addictive when you hear of people getting more than one treatment. In reality, Botox is only a temporary treatment, which means anyone who sees its benefits will get it every three to four months.

Botox is not something that offers a high nor promotes a physical addiction. Therefore, it’s not something to which you can become addicted.


7 Fun Indoor Activities For Adults

7 Fun Indoor Activities For Adults

Whilst being outdoors is normally where you want to be in good weather, there will occasions that you are indoors with a group of friends, family, work colleagues or on date nights. If fun is the order of the day, then having some knowledge of group activities for adults indoors is going to be important if you do not want the occasion to become a boring event that no one enjoys.

If you are struggling to come up with unique ideas for group activities for adults, then we are here to help. Listed below are 7 activities which we are sure you and your group will look back on with pleasure.

#1 Whodunnit Evening

Everyone loves a mystery, and if it is a murder mystery, all the better. Thankfully, there is no real murder victim, but nevertheless, you and your group have to sift through clues, red herrings, and other evidence to try to identify who the murderer is. You can now play these on game consoles or download them from the internet, with a new victim and set of clues each time. (more…)

Moving Home

How To Make Moving Home As Stress-Free For Your Pets As Possible

Moving home can be a stressful event for all the family, especially on the day, although you can mitigate some of that stress by planning everything well in advance and employing a professional removalists company.

Despite taking these steps, there is one (or possibly more than one) member of the family who is often overlooked when it comes to stress reduction during a house move, and that is the family pet. This is especially so when that pet is a dog or cat, who are both creatures of habit.

The upheaval of them moving to completely new surroundings, inside and outside, can be incredibly stressful for pets. While family members might be able to communicate how they are feeling, our pets often cannot, and thus we are unaware that they are in any way upset or even in distress.

So, assuming you love your pet and want to make your house move as stress-free as possible for them, here are some simple tips to help you, and your beloved animal.

The first step should be on any occasion you are visiting your new home prior to the move. When there, try to do a bit of a recce, but with your pet in mind and so look for anything that might be a problem for them such as loose writing or splintered wood panels indoors, and check the garden too for any dangers.

You should prepare a ‘first-night’ bag for your pet, that includes their food, bowls, some toys, and treats so that if the rest of their stuff is packed away in boxes, you at least have the basics for them that evening. Obviously, the specific items will vary depending on the type of pet.

On the day of the move, especially when your removalists arrive and start loading the removal van, it is best that you keep your pet well out of the way. This also applies at the other end when they are unloading.


Sexual Harassment

Dealing With the Mental Health Effects of Sexual Harassment

Among the numerous workplace challenges impacting men and women across the world is sexual harassment. When not dealt with correctly, harassment can significantly impact the victims’ mental health and well-being. On top of this, it can lead to long-term self-confidence and other problems, stunting your career.

Because of this, it’s essential to understand how to deal with the mental health effects of sexual harassment in the workplace. In the rest of this article, we’ve looked at the exact things you need to do if you’ve been a victim of harassment.

  1. Tell People

Despite what you think or what others tell you, sexual harassment in the workplace (or anywhere else) is not okay. If you’ve been a victim, letting people know is essential. Where possible, speak with your manager or an HR officer, especially if the perpetrator is one of your workmates.

In some cases, you may also wish to pursue criminal action. There’s nothing wrong with this, and we’d only recommend employing a good lawyer to ensure your case is a success.



What You Need to Know About Apraxia

An expert in speech pathology can help children with speech impediments, stuttering, and sounds, but their skillset expands far beyond oral communication. A speech therapist is also someone who can help your child to communicate on other levels, with idea expression, thought organization, and attention spans.

Speech and language disorders don’t fit in a box, which means that even children with disabilities and conditions like apraxia, for example, can see great benefit from working with a speech pathologist.

For any parent with a child with apraxia, or waiting for an apraxia diagnosis, there is much unknown information. How do you know what to expect? How do you know what to look out for? How can a speech pathologist help? Read on to find out more about apraxia and your child.

What is Apraxia?

Apraxia is a motor disorder that causes children and adults to have difficulty speaking. Children may know what they want to say, but forming the words and getting them out can prove tricky. The condition is not caused by an underlying disease, but rather damage to the posterior parietal cortex part of the brain.


Laser Eye Surgery

When Should I Consider Laser Eye Surgery?

If you have problems with your vision – such as astigmatism, long-sightedness or short-sightedness – you might have thought about getting LASIK eye surgery. It’s an extremely attractive option with the potential to improve your vision dramatically.

To put it simply, laser surgery generally involves reshaping the surface of the eye to correct vision problems. Although a lot of people end up with 20/20 vision following the procedure, this is by no means guaranteed. And, laser surgery is expensive.

Because of this, we decided to put together this short guide to help you decide when to think about getting laser eye surgery. Consider surgery if:

You Can’t Wear Contact Lenses and Don’t Like Glasses

Although they are quite convenient and generally effective, some people are unable to wear contact lenses due to underlying medical conditions or eye problems. Because of this, they have to wear glasses – and as most of us know, not everyone likes this.

Fortunately, laser eye surgery presents a viable alternative to both contacts and glasses. If successful, you shouldn’t need to use any corrective eye wear.



How Yoga Can Help You to Lose Those Extra Kilos

It can be strange to think that yoga, which is not exactly a high-intensity exercise, can help with your fitness and weight loss. While it’s not the most conventional method for weight loss, that doesn’t mean it can’t have some surprising benefits. But possibly not in the way you might think.

If you love yoga, or you have been thinking about giving it a try, then you may be surprised to find out about the following.

It Can Help You Burn Calories

Everyone knows that a calorie deficit is essential for weight loss, which is why burning calories and eating less is usually a recipe for success when it comes to weight loss. In the traditional sense, yoga doesn’t often make you burn a lot of calories. However, it can help you burn some.

Active yoga classes, such as power yoga, for example, make you move far more than traditional yoga. Restorative yoga, too, has seen some promising results for overweight women who may struggle with different exercises.

It Helps You Sleep Better

The practice of yoga promotes better and deeper sleep, which is promising if you often run on empty throughout the day. So, how does that relate to weight loss?


Addictive Drugs

Falling Down a Rabbit Hole: The Most Addictive Drugs

Millions of people suffer from a drug addiction every year – with thousands making the brave step to check themselves into a drug rehab facility. While drug abuse and addiction might not be something you see every day, the sheer number of addictive drugs on the market will surprise you. Here are some of the more common and addictive.

  1. Heroin

Not only is heroin one of the most addictive drugs, but it’s one of the more harmful ones too. Every year, heroin causes thousands of people to die from overdoses, with thousands more in dire need of a drug rehab facility to take them in.

Heroin is a recreational opiate that creates a euphoria-like state in the user. However, the more heroin you use, the more you need to reach those same heights as your body builds up its tolerance. Then, that’s when the addiction sets in.

  1. Cocaine

Cocaine is the third-most damaging drug in the world, and only around ten percent of Australians haven’t tried it. Cocaine offers the user a lot of energy and feelings of euphoria. However, it also makes your heart beat faster, create feelings of agitation, and raise your blood pressure.

Over 20 percent of people who try cocaine will end up relying on it, which is why a substantial number of people in drug rehab are there to try to get clean from it.


Dental Implant Technology

Major Advancements in Dental Implant Technology

Every year, around eight million people across the globe receive a dental implant. A dental implant is a metal post or pole that a dentist, such as Dentist Joondalup, installs into the jawbone below the gum line to support a false tooth. Once the root is in place and the tooth secure, it takes on the form of a natural tooth with full function. You can brush, eat, and chew with it as if it were your own.

Dental implants are growing in popularity today, with more people opting for a tooth replacement rather than leaving a gap where a tooth once sat. Not taking care of tooth loss can result in speech changes, jaw changes, and even a loss of self-esteem.

In the United Kingdom in 2018, dentists performed more than 260,000 dental implant procedures – double the figure from 2013. If that’s anything to go by, it’s a procedure that will get more popular as the years go by.

With that in mind, there’s always room for improvement and advancement in the dental world – especially with procedures such as dental implants. That’s why Image Navigation announced the world’s first advanced image-guided implant system at the 2019 International Dentist Show in Messe Cologne, Germany.


Dentistry for Good

How 3D Planning Could Change the World of Dentistry for Good

There’s no denying that dental care has come a long way in recent years. After all, it wasn’t all that long ago that a blacksmith would perform dental procedures in any old darkened alley. However, it has come further than you may think, especially when regarding dental implants.

Dental implants have long been a preferred way in which to replace a missing tooth without resorting to dentures. Any accident, injury, or illness can require tooth removal, but it’s always helpful to know that dental implants are a way to solve the problem.

Dental implants are frames or posts constructed of metal that a dentist positions in your jawbone underneath your gum. Once in place, your dentist can then fit replacement teeth onto those posts. Unlike dentures, dental implants are firmly in place and take on the role of a natural tooth with full function.

However, dental implants require enough bone for a solid tooth foundation, and those who have suffered from an accident or injury resulting in tooth loss may not have enough.

Dentists solve that problem with a surgical procedure known as bone grafting. Titanium mesh supports the shape of the graft as new bone grows. However, that material can irritate soft tissue and can be particularly tricky to mold in place and get right.



Everything You Need to Know About Invisalign

On your hunt for cosmetic dental procedures to make you feel better about your teeth, you are likely to come across Invisalign. While, at first glance, Invisalign might seem like yet another brand name in the dental product world, it’s far from it.

Instead, it’s a revolutionary form of technology that has made many people smile with more confidence around the world — intrigued yet? Read on to learn everything you need to know about Invisalign.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that uses SmartForce Technology for nearly invisible teeth straightening. Instead of metal braces which stand out and come with a range of inconveniences, Invisalign are custom-made aligners that move your teeth to their best position and are entirely removable.

While they are not suitable for everyone in need of cosmetic dental treatment, they suit a significant number of people who would prefer not to wear braces. Ask your Invisalign-trained dentist if they are right for you.

What is the Process for Invisalign?

If you believe that Invisalign may be an excellent cosmetic dental procedure to help straighten your teeth, then it’s a good idea to visit your dentist. They can confirm that it’s right for you or suggest alternative options, such as braces, instead.

If Invisalign is a suitable method, your dentist will take photos, scans, or x-rays of your teeth so that they can create a three-dimensional treatment plan. This plan will also come in handy for the creation of your custom aligners.


Drug Rehab Centre

How to Choose the Best Drug Rehab Centre for Your Needs

If the time has come to consider the possibility of going into a drug rehab centre, then good for you. You’ve identified that you have a drug or alcohol problem, and you are taking the first step to correct it.

Now that you know this is the right move for you, you then need to find the best drug rehab centre for your needs. There are plenty to choose, and all offer different facilities and services. Read on to discover what you must factor in before you make your decision.

Treatment Methods and Protocols

Every drug rehab facility is different, which means the protocols and treatment methods are likely to be as well. It’s crucial to find a facility that provides many of the tools and support networks you will need to get clean.

A few of the drug addiction treatments in a rehab facility could include counselling, medication, mental health evaluations, support groups, and long-term follow-ups. If you find a rehab facility you like, make sure you find out what’s available to support your new journey to sobriety.

Find Out About Aftercare

Studies show that up to 60 percent of addicts who exit drug rehab will end up using their drug of choice again. The relapse might not necessarily be a permanent one, but aftercare could make all the difference to whether you relapse or not.


Rural Health Teaching Sites

Rural Health Teaching Sites

Welcome to the Virtual Orientation Tour website. Our goal has been to develop a suite of virtual tours of rural and remote health practice settings around Tasmania to assist students select and prepare for rural placements. It is important that students understand rural health services, including the supports, resources and breadth of learning opportunities available so they can align their goals and expectations of the rural professional experience placement to optimise clinical learning.

The Virtual Orientation Tours will provide you with a range of site-specific resources to introduce you to the health services provided, on-site clinical learning facilities, key personnel, accommodation, and other learning resources. We hope that this will allay any pre-placement fears, better prepare you for rural placement and make you feel more confident and welcome.


Aboriginal Health Service - Hobart

Aboriginal Health Service – Hobart

Welcome to the Aboriginal Health service in Hobart. The services we offer at the AHS in Hobart include:

    • Consultations with doctors, Aboriginal Health Workers, specialist paediatrician and general physician, nurses, child health nurse and midwife, diabetes educator, dietician and Allied Health professionals;
    • Health promotion campaigns in areas such as: Nutrition; Active lifestyles; Quit smoking; Antenatal support; Oral health; Child and maternal health and Mental health.


Aboriginal Health Services

Aboriginal Health Services

Welcome. Students have limited opportunities to learn about or experience Aboriginal culture, understand Aboriginal health issues or gain work-integrated learning experience in Aboriginal Health Services. These Virtual Tours are designed to prepare students for placement in Aboriginal health so they can make the most of the time available. They include information about:

  • The Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre and the health and community services it provides;
  • The location and layout of each service and what is expected of students;
  • The cultural implications and sensitivities of providing health care to Aboriginals;
  • The TAC website and  links to other information about Aboriginal culture and health


Clinical Supervision Support Program

Tasmanian Clinical Supervision Support Program


The quality of clinical supervision is one key influence on the quality of the clinical placement, and ultimately, on the calibre of the health practitioner.

Health Workforce Australia’s (HWA) Clinical Supervision Support Program (CSSP) aims to expand clinical supervision capacity and competence across the educational and training continuum by supporting measures to:

• Prepare and train clinical supervisors.
• Deliver and develop a competent clinical supervision workforce, which delivers quality training.

The National Clinical Supervision Skills Initiative

The Skills Initiative is a program operating within the CSSP and aims to deliver a range of interprofessional education and training opportunities for new and existing clinical supervisors across Australia, as facilitated through the TCEN.