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Sexual Harassment

Dealing With the Mental Health Effects of Sexual Harassment

Among the numerous workplace challenges impacting men and women across the world is sexual harassment. When not dealt with correctly, harassment can significantly impact the victims’ mental health and well-being. On top of this, it can lead to long-term self-confidence and other problems, stunting your career.

Because of this, it’s essential to understand how to deal with the mental health effects of sexual harassment in the workplace. In the rest of this article, we’ve looked at the exact things you need to do if you’ve been a victim of harassment.

  1. Tell People

Despite what you think or what others tell you, sexual harassment in the workplace (or anywhere else) is not okay. If you’ve been a victim, letting people know is essential. Where possible, speak with your manager or an HR officer, especially if the perpetrator is one of your workmates.

In some cases, you may also wish to pursue criminal action. There’s nothing wrong with this, and we’d only recommend employing a good lawyer to ensure your case is a success.