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Clinical Supervision Support Program

Tasmanian Clinical Supervision Support Program


The quality of clinical supervision is one key influence on the quality of the clinical placement, and ultimately, on the calibre of the health practitioner.

Health Workforce Australia’s (HWA) Clinical Supervision Support Program (CSSP) aims to expand clinical supervision capacity and competence across the educational and training continuum by supporting measures to:

• Prepare and train clinical supervisors.
• Deliver and develop a competent clinical supervision workforce, which delivers quality training.

The National Clinical Supervision Skills Initiative

The Skills Initiative is a program operating within the CSSP and aims to deliver a range of interprofessional education and training opportunities for new and existing clinical supervisors across Australia, as facilitated through the TCEN.

The National Clinical Supervision Competency Resources – Validation Edition (the Resource) provides the foundation for the Skills Initiative by enabling the development of a consistent and transparent approach to the provision of quality interprofessional clinical supervision education and training programs.

The Resource provides three pathways for the education and training of clinical supervisors; Foundational, Intermediate and Advanced, and describes competency domains and elements, representing activity common to the Australian clinical supervision workforce. An education calendar containing all supervision programs is currently under construction but will be located on the TCEN website. The programs in the education calendar align with the competency resource and are available to all clinical supervisors.

Download a copy of the month by month Education Planner –Click here

For further information relating to the TCSSP objectives and outcomes please refer to the Fact Sheet