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Supervision for Medical Registras - PowerPoint presentation and study outline for clinical supervisors of medical students

Models of Clinical Supervision Projects: Table summary

  • A pilot project exploring opportunities to increase student placements by using iPads to deliver remote supervision.
  • A Clinical supervision foundation program of learning to allied health professionals who had no current access to training.
  • Interprofessional Ambulatory Care Program - opportunities for community members to access professional education and support, improving the client’s sense of well being, confidence and better self management of their choric diseases
  • A project aimed to promote best practice in supervision of medical students - visit the website

Clinical Supervision Support resources and training programs developed by states and terrirories: A table of resources and links to projects undertaken with HWA funding


Self Assessment Tool (SAT):

A 30 item Self Assessment Tool (SAT) has been developed to enable clinical supervisors to rate their skills, knowledge and confidence against the foundational and intermediate competencies identified in the Resource. The tool allows specific clinical supervision roles to be assessed and training and development plans to be generated. Download the SAT here

The SAT can be used in several ways:

  • Supervisors can self asses to identify their training needs;
  • Managers can assess the skills of staff in the unit and organise suitable training programs; and
  • Organisations can use the tool in collaboration with other frameworks (such as the Best Practice Clinical Learning Environment Framework: Department of Health Victoria) to assess the quality of their clinical placements.
Common behaviours for all health professionals: collaborate and redesign

An easy-to-understand guide that outlines the common behavious required of the health workforce in the delivery of patient-centred care in Australia.

The Resource will help you:

  • Develop patient-centred services
  • Actively plan and redesign your workforce
  • Analyse training need based on skill mix - Download the Resource Here
Scenario Database

A  table of clinical scenarios with questions and answers for use with students on clinical placement  - click here to open