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Health Workforce Australia - CSSP

HWA Clinical Supervision Support Program

To ensure we have the best health professionals, we need to ensure their clinical training is of the highest standard. This means having competent clinical supervisors providing support for trainees. Health Workforce Australia’s (HWA) Clinical Supervision Support Program  supported clinical supervision by funding the training of supervisors who in turn help to develop a safe and competent workforce.

This will ensure clinical supervisors across Australia provide quality clinical placements.

HWA was abolished in August 2014 and their website is no longer accessible, a number of relevant documents are available below:


National Clinical Supervision Fellowship Initiative 2012: In 2012, Health Workforce Australia funded 16 research projects that sought to expand capacity of clinical supervision and promote high standards and competence in education and training of health professionals

National Competency Based Clinical Placement Assessment Tools: The project is funding development of assessment tools for a range of professions including speech pathology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, nursing, medicine and allied health.

National Clinical Supervision Competency Resource:The resource supports the continuation and further development of a high-quality, sustainable clinical supervision workforce across all settings. Also available is the HWA-Clinical-Supervision-Self-assessment-tool.

National Clinical Supervision Support Framework: A reference guide for individuals and organisations involved in the clinical education and training of healthcare professionals.

National Guidelines for Clinical Placement Agreements: The guidelines assist individuals and their organisations who are involved in clinical education and training to develop new, or to review existing, clinical placement agreements.


A Strategic Study of Postgraduate Medical Training: Baseline Report March 2011