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Tasmanian Allied Health Symposium - 2015

Tasmanian Allied Health Symposium, 20 November 2015,                                               

The Allied Health Professional Executive Committee (DHHS) and the Tasmanian Allied Health Professionals Advancement Committee hosted the second AHP Symposium to showcase Tasmanian allied health quality, research and innovation initiatives.  Allied health from all sectors were welcome to present and attend.

Symposium Themes included: New ways of working,  Evidence in practice, Teamwork, Sustainable practice, Working with technology, Consumer engagement, diversity and more……..

Copies of presentations are available here: Click on the presentation title required.




Yes – we do come to you!
   David Edis, Dinah Spratt, Michelle Walkden, Lil Cox*, Natalie Whish Wilson, Scott Beeston
Keeping them: Factors that contribute to the long term retention of the allied health workforce in rural and remote areas of Tasmania
Dr Tony Barnett, Dr Lyndsay Quarmby*, Dr Winnie Van der Ploeg
Implementation of a 2-week modified Constraint Induced Movement Therapy at the Launceston General Hospital – a collaborative process and outcomes
Ana Vandenberg*, John Cannell, Johanna Moerkerk
Partnering with UTas to deliver neuromuscular conditions education to Exercise Physiology students
John Cannell, Amy Rathjen*, Em Moles

The foot health of adult diabetics in regional Australia: baseline findings from an epidemiological study - VIDEO

Carmel Murray*, Byron Perrin, Penny Allen, Isabelle Skinner, Marcus Gardner, Andrew Chappell, Claire Massey, Timothy Skinner
Hospital readmission rate of clients who participate in a Home Based Transition Care Program on discharge from hospital
Emelyn Moles*, Natalie Smith*, Lisa Bonde, Christine Kaye
Improving exercise delivery by Health Care Assistants (HCAs) on the Transition Care Program – Community (TCP-C)
Emelyn Moles
Challenges and opportunities for Allied Health in specialist palliative care
Flora Dean*, Linda Proiette Wilson, Loren Taylor
Readability characteristics of oral health information literature available to the Tasmanian public
Dr Tony Barnett, Dr Ha Hoang*, Ashlea Furlan
Clinical pharmacist peer mentoring to standardise practice and improve confidence
Hamish Crisp*, Lisa Crisp
Lung Infection Prevention Post Surgery Major Abdominal with Pre-Operative Physiotherapy (LIPPSMAck POP) trial: An international multi-centre randomised controlled trial
Ianthe Boden*, Kate Sullivan, Dr Laura Browning, Dr Elizabeth Skinner, Dr Julie Reeve, Lesley Anderson, Cat Hill, Dr Iain Robertson
Allied health assistants can safely and effectively provide early ambulation following major upper abdominal surgery
Ianthe Boden*, Cat Hill
Hospital costs of postoperative pulmonary complications: Implications for service provision and interpretation of clinical trials
Ianthe Boden*, Dr Laura Browning, Dr Elizabeth Skinner, A/Prof Linda Denehy
The Melbourne risk prediction tool accurately predicts patients unlikely to get a respiratory complication following major upper abdominal surgery
Ianthe Boden*, Dr Laura Browning, Dr Elizabeth Skinner, A/Prof Linda Denehy
Bringing goal directed rehabilitation into practice
Johanna Moerkerk*, Helen Titmus, Natalie Smith
Using technology to assist auditing inpatient rehab patient activity
John Cannell*, Kylie Lane, Scott Beeston, Amy Rathjen
Food for thought – Allied Health working together 
Georgia Rossetto, Sharon King*, Louise Pryke, John Mercer*
Between a rock and a hard place: Analysis of data following an alternative model to manage patient referrals
Jolene May*, Bridget Lange, Christy Dorward
Bridging the gap: Implementing the National Stroke Guidelines into Occupational Therapy practice within a Community Adult Rehabilitation Service
Nicky Kay, Mardi George, Jane Symons, Kate Kearney*
Prevention of functional decline
Katharine Mitchell
Utilisation of Australasian Rehabilitation Outcome Centre data for improving inpatient rehabilitation length of stay
John Cannell, Kylie Lane*, Rebecca Cannell
Clinical usefulness of the Kettle Test in conjunction with the Montreal Cognitive Assessment in a neurosurgical population
Lauren Nichols*, Rowan Castle, Jolene May, Leeza Hawkins, Christy Dorward
Audiology Service-Royal Hobart Hospital. Effect of increasing Audiology serviceson an ENT waiting list
Lee Kethel*, Rohan Biddulph and Melanie Hurford
Allies with art? The impact of an arts program on the Acute Older Persons Unit
Jacqui Dawborn, Leigh Tesch*, Karen Ford
Partnerships and practice change       View VIDEO
Dr Marie-Louise Bird*, John Cannell*, Dr Michele Callisaya, Amy Rathjen, Em Moles, Kylie Lane, Dr Shandell Elmer
Allies in allied health (part 1); exercise professionals, scope of practice and interprofessional opportunities
Dr Marie-Louise Bird*, Dr James Fell*, Dr Sibella King*, Dr Andrew Williams*
Implementation of premature developmental assessment clinic at Launceston General Hospital
Ndia Zalucki, Maria Morris, Amanda Leane
Eye gaze for independence
Katie Greatbatch, Peter Hockley*
The rural paramedic in Tasmania, an interprofessional approach
Peter Mulholland*, A/Prof Tony Barnett, Dr Jess Woodroffe
Clinical supervision training to meet clinician and organisational needs; ‘Teaching on the run’ in Tasmanian Health Service – Southern Region
Dr Elaine Hart*, Sophie Leworthy*
Understanding the experience of group music therapy for women with breast cancer
Dr Stephanie Thompson