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5 Types Of Carpet Stain You Should Know How To Remove

5 Types Of Carpet Stain You Should Know How To Remove

If you were to give it some thought, you would soon realise that the number of possible stains that could happen to your carpet and then need immediate remedial carpet cleaning to remove them is plentiful. Were we to list them all, we could probably fill several pages. Of course, some stains are more common than others, and some stains will do much more severe and long-term damage than others and may require searching for “carpet cleaners near me“.

Beyond the source of stains, it is also critical that you know precisely what has stained your carpets. This is because the substance or liquid that creates the stain dictates what action you need to take to remove it. It can be a double-whammy if you suddenly see that what you are using to remove the stain is not only failing in that task, but further, it causes even more damage as it is the wrong stain removal solution.

As such, we thought it would be useful to highlight some of the more common stains your carpets might suffer from, and, better still, explain how they can each be removed. Here are five of the worst offenders.

#1 – Mud: It is often assumed that mud stains come only from children and their muddy boots, and whilst children cause more than their fair share, it needs to be mentioned that many adults are the ones who bring mud into the home, albeit inadvertently. As a first stage, you can let the mud dry out and then vacuum it up. Any staining can be removed using dish soap and warm water. Try not to rub the stain but soak it with a cloth or sponge.

#2 – Rust: Rust often comes in from those who have been out riding an old bicycle or working in and around cars. To remove rust stains, first put some lemon juice onto it. Next, sprinkle the colour with cream of tartar. Gently rub the area and then leave it for up to 30 minutes, when the stain should disappear. Finally, blot the area with a wet towel.

#3 – Pet Urine: We all love our pets, but that love is tested when they pee on the carpet. To remove pet urine stains, you first want to make up a spray bottle with a cup of water and white vinegar. With that solution mixed, spray it onto the urine stain and leave it there for at least 15 minutes. After the necessary time, blot the area using a dry cloth or towel.

#4 – Oil-based Substances: Oily substances should not be anywhere near a carpet, but more items contain oil than you might be aware of. These include crayons, makeup, and some shoe polishes. To remove oily stains, scrape or lift as much as possible. Then rub it gently with a cloth and some alcohol. Finally, blot with a dry towel

#5 – Organic Substances: This covers many possible stains, including sweat, blood, fruit juice, hot drinks, and food. To remedy the stain, first, pour a capful of hydrogen peroxide onto it. Leave this for around 5 minutes. Then use a cloth or sponge that has been soaked in clean water. Finally, dab the area using a clean towel to dry it.