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7 Fun Indoor Activities For Adults

7 Fun Indoor Activities For Adults

Whilst being outdoors is normally where you want to be in good weather, there will occasions that you are indoors with a group of friends, family, work colleagues or on date nights. If fun is the order of the day, then having some knowledge of group activities for adults indoors is going to be important if you do not want the occasion to become a boring event that no one enjoys.

If you are struggling to come up with unique ideas for group activities for adults, then we are here to help. Listed below are 7 activities which we are sure you and your group will look back on with pleasure.

#1 Whodunnit Evening

Everyone loves a mystery, and if it is a murder mystery, all the better. Thankfully, there is no real murder victim, but nevertheless, you and your group have to sift through clues, red herrings, and other evidence to try to identify who the murderer is. You can now play these on game consoles or download them from the internet, with a new victim and set of clues each time.

#2 Never Have I Ever

This is a game where you get to find out some pretty astonishing facts about your friends, family, and colleagues, although bear in mind they do likewise when it is your turn to answer, and there are also forfeits to be paid. The main preparations are with regards to the questions and the more you have the better. Again, these can be found online and downloaded to your device.

#3 Press Conference

With this game, one person leaves the room, and the others decide upon which famous person that they are going to be. The person returns and the group ask them questions in the form of a press conference. Without making it blatantly obvious, the questions should give subtle clues to who the famous person is, and the person answering the questions has to guess who they are.

#4 Indoor Olympics

Select at least 10 different indoor games and sports and then over a 12 or even 24 hour period the team play each of the games in succession, with the winner of each awarded a ‘gold medal’ and points towards their overall total. Games can include table tennis, chess, board games (Operation is ideal) but in truth, you can pick any games you like.

#5 Axe Throwing

This beats the bowling alley any day where, instead of rolling a ball at some pins, you are throwing a real axe at a target, where the closer to the centre you hit, the more points you score. At axe throwing centres you can make this an evening out, or an all-day experience which can include axe throwing lessons, team building, contests, and refreshments.

#6 Food Tasting Blindfolded

An ideal evening if your group A) Loves cooking and/or B) Love eating. Everyone needs to cook, and you could split the group into teams. Each person or team produces a number of dishes and everyone else tastes them blindfolded and tries to guess what they are. The roles are then reversed. This can be done in one evening or over more than one.

#7 Create a Cocktail

Following on from eating, we now move to the cocktails. Each person, or team, has the task of creating a unique cocktail, and rather than guessing what they are, the others must drink them and select which cocktail they like best. This is better if you do not reveal who made which cocktail.