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Rural Health Teaching Sites

Rural Health Teaching Sites

Welcome to the Virtual Orientation Tour website. Our goal has been to develop a suite of virtual tours of rural and remote health practice settings around Tasmania to assist students select and prepare for rural placements. It is important that students understand rural health services, including the supports, resources and breadth of learning opportunities available so they can align their goals and expectations of the rural professional experience placement to optimise clinical learning.

The Virtual Orientation Tours will provide you with a range of site-specific resources to introduce you to the health services provided, on-site clinical learning facilities, key personnel, accommodation, and other learning resources. We hope that this will allay any pre-placement fears, better prepare you for rural placement and make you feel more confident and welcome.


You begin the tour outside the main entrance to the hospital/health centre. Use the mouse (click and drag) or navigation controls to look around, and then select a hotspot to view some information or go to another scene. Please note it may take a short while for each scene to load.

Each Virtual Tour has a floor plan to help orientate you to the site and allow you to move directly to a specific scene (blue dot).
Click the help button during the tour to provide an overview of these instructions.

Having viewed a tour, please return to Student Feedback survey to give us some feedback so we can address any issues and improve the Virtual Tours.