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What You Can And Cannot Control If You Suffer From Tooth Discolouration

What You Can And Cannot Control If You Suffer From Tooth Discolouration

Whilst we regard a beautiful smile as two rows of pearly whites beaming cheerfully from someone who is happy, unfortunately not all smiles are as appealing. One of the main reasons why someone’s smile might not be all that pleasant to look at is tooth discolouration, which is one of the most common dental issues that any dentist from Dental O So Gentle have to treat.

Whenever we see someone with discoloured teeth, the assumption is often made that they are simply not caring for their teeth, and we assume that they are not brushing or flossing. Whilst that is a common cause, you should be aware that not all tooth discolouration is the fault of the person who suffers from it.

This leads us to the fact that there are several causes of tooth discolouration, and they can be split into two distinct categories. There are those causes that individuals can control and thus the discolouration could be said to be their own fault. The other set of causes are those which the person has no real control over, and instead of them being at fault for tooth discolouration, they are instead a victim of it.

To help you understand this more fully, here are the causes of tooth discolouration split into their respective categories of ‘Can Control’ and ‘Cannot Control.