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Why Your Financial Health Has Implications For Your Physical Health

Why Your Financial Health Has Implications For Your Physical Health

Whenever a person might be thinking of how they might improve their physical health their first thought might be to seek advice from their doctor or fitness coach. However, it may surprise you to know that financial planners can positively influence your physical health too. Okay, we admit they are not going to create an exercise programme for you, but their financial expertise and experience could have the same effect.

There is lots of evidence that shows that the more a person’s finances are managed and under control the healthier they tend to be. That most likely applies to any aspect of our lives where the less stress we have relating to our work, our family, or our view of the world altarage, the less damage is done to our health.

Poor Finances = Poor Health

Coming back to finance and it is not an anomaly that countless instances of doctors and other medical professionals dealing with health issues ranging from panic attacks to suicide attempts, the root cause can be traced back to financial difficulties. Sadly, some have taken the ultimate and tragic decision to end their lives and, before doing so, have made it clear to the loved ones they have left behind that money issues were the reason.