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The Dos And Don’ts Of Dental Implants

For anyone considering dental implants, as with any medical procedure, there are several actions and activities you should adhere to, and some which you must avoid at all times. There will be several reasons for any of these ‘dos and don’ts’ with the most applicable being the patient’s well-being and to ensure that nothing can compromise any healing which has to take place.

With dental implants, one of the most important processes which take place is the fusing of the jawbone with the titanium inserts. This takes place in the months following the surgery and ensures that the foundation for your implants is as secure and solid as can be. As such you want to nothing that can set back this fusing, or worse, compromise it completely. With this in mind here are some of the most important dental implants dos and don’ts.

Do Follow The Advice From Your Dental Implant Specialists

In truth, this applies to any medical scenario, but we include it as we certainly want you to follow any advice your dental implant professionals give you. This applies to the period before the procedure, and most certainly in the recovery period following the surgery as this helps to ensure there are no issues such as infection which can compromise the whole process.

Do Have An Effective Oral Hygiene Regime

Even if your dental implants are replacing all your teeth, you still need to follow effective and ongoing oral hygiene. This ensures that your gums stay healthy and in particular are not prone to infection. Bacteria can be more likely due to some of the anti-bacterial cells from your natural teeth no longer being present, so regular brushing and flossing are extremely important to remove bacteria such as dental plaque.

Do See Dental Implants As An Investment In Your Quality Of Life

We will not pretend that dental implants are the cheapest option to replace teeth, but what you pay for them can bring you so much more joy and pleasure than many of the others things you might buy for the same price. By investing in dental implants, you are improving your appearance, plus being able to eat normally once more, adds to your quality of life and peace of mind.

Do Answer Any Questions About Underlying Health Questions Honestly

Prior to any of the actual work required to take impressions of your teeth, manufacture your dental implants, and fit them, your specialist will ask you a number of questions. Many will be to ensure you are eligible for dental implants, as unfortunately, there are some medical conditions that can compromise the strength of the jawbone and if this is the case, dental implants are not recommended. As such, you must answer all medical questions honestly.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

Just as you will be asked many questions by your dental implants team, you have every bit as much right to ask questions of them, and in fact, they should be encouraging you to do so. No matter how trivial you think your question is, if it is one that is troubling you then do not be afraid to ask them. The answer could be the one which puts your mind at rest regarding the whole process.

Don’t Risk Everything By Eating The Wrong Foods Too Soon

Whilst the long-term benefits of dental implants are plentiful, you will have to make some short-term sacrifices and one of these is not eating chewy foods such as apples, toffee, or steak whilst your implants fuse with your jawbone. This only lasts a few months so please resist the temptation to eat the wrong foods, even if they are your favourites, as you risk undoing the whole procedure.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Telling Others You Have Dental Implants

Finally, you should not be ashamed or embarrassed about having dental implants. Instead, you should be proud to show others the return of your gleaming white smile. People are more likely to be jealous of you than judgemental, so wear your dental implants with pride.